Our Story

ProspectBlue is a specialized recruiting and staffing firm with deep experience in the corporate, legal, and medical fields.

We got our start as a small firm called Lawyers Staffing, based in Richmond, Virginia. In 2019, we rebranded as ProspectBlue. Facing the onslaught of the pandemic the following year, we pivoted to help meet urgent medical staffing needs across the country.

Today, with the business world evolving at a breakneck pace, we help employers and career seekers in many sectors make impactful connections to meet their goals. Still based in Richmond, we serve clients throughout the United States.

Our Values


Clients and candidates trust us to be honest and forthright. We give our best effort and we hold high standards of civility and kindness. We’ve walked away from clients who mistreat employees; we’ve advocated for candidates who need our backing and we’ve let go those who don’t respect the people with whom they work.


We ask for professionalism from our candidates and our clients as it’s a cornerstone of our own conduct. Because making connections is all about communication, we are deeply committed to communicating clearly with respect, confidentiality, and transparency.


We strive to be intentional on every level: in how we grow our business, in the clients we choose to partner with, in the questions we ask candidates, in how we prepare them and care about them. We’d rather send a client five well-matched candidates than ten people who don’t fit. This strategic intentionality differentiates us from competitors and enables us to deliver successful results for all parties.


We live on both sides of the employer-employee equation. We have real empathy for those going through a job search and for employers, whose success hinges on whom they hire. We treat every client and candidate with kindness and compassion, because we know finding work, and workers, is hard work.

Our Team

ProspectBlue’s dedicated recruiters bridge the gap between businesses and individuals seeking growth.

  • Jessica Barnes


  • Elena Conwell

    People Operations Specialist

  • Regina Gustke

    National Recruiter

  • Ben Nelson

    Director of Business Development

  • Jed O’Neill

    Lead National Recruiter

  • Lin Rohr

    National Recruiter

  • Asia Southerland

    Payroll and Benefits Manager

  • Whitney Wigton

    National Recruiter

  • Cameron D. Wick

    Managing Partners

  • Alan P. Vaughan

    Managing Partners

  • W. Nelson Edmunds

    Managing Partners

Certifications and Affiliations